Orange County Car Locksmith

Imagine a regular day in your life. You wake up in the morning, maybe have a quick breakfast and then you head out of the house. You open your car and get inside. Now there is something most of us do before turning on the ignition and starting our cars.

If you have thought of entering your coded password, then you, like the majority of drivers out there, have a coded transponder key for your car. A transponder key is linked to our car's coded password system through a smart chip embedded in the key, programmed to the exact same password as that of our car. This system is preferable for avoiding car robberies and break-ins, yet it is still a sophisticated device and can at times malfunction and need a little retuning.

Reprograming a Transponder Key

If, for an instance, we carry two transponder keys with us and place them close to the ignition switch, they could cause the signal transmitted by the chip inside the keys to mix up, and our car to understand this situation as if someone was attempting to take over the car by force. This will lead to the car wheel to lock, and at times to a complete lock of the car's electric systems.

Having a signal malfunction happens every once in a while and often leaves us perplexed not knowing how the problem arose. At times like this, it is best to simply call us at Orange County's Cars Locksmith at all hours of the day. Besides employing a network of certified locksmith professionals, we operate a 24/7 call center full of knowledgeable and understanding representatives, who could very well solve this situation with you on the phone, with no need for dispatching a service provider to you.

Let Us Be Responsible for Solving the Problem

If the problem has not been fixed by phone and a service provider has been sent to you, we at Cars Locksmith guarantee that they will reach you within no more than 30 minutes. We realize that you need your car as a way of getting in time to your destination. That is why we employ many fantastic and friendly locksmith specialists throughout Orange County, all ready to be there and swiftly fix any problem.

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