Ignition Key

Very basically there are two kinds of ignition keys, there are the old fashioned ones which are totally mechanical in operation and there are the ones belonging to the new, transponder key, generation.
There are many types of problems you may encounter involving your vehicle's ignition key. You may have simply lost your car keys or the key may have become stuck in the ignition switch. An ignition key may break, it may even just, all of a sudden, refuse to turn or turn but fail to start the car. An auto locksmith today must possess all the necessary knowhow and tools of trade in order to enable tackling any such mishap.

Cars Locksmith is exactly the type of locksmith service you want to have at your side when you encounter any of the above mentioned type of ignition key related problem. We are a highly reliable service, our techs are all top of their field professionals who hold valid certification ensuring not only their level of proficiency but also lack of any criminal background.

Stranded Next to an Immobilized Vehicle

Ignition key trouble may very well leave you stranded next to an immobilized vehicle. This is undoubtedly a very frustrating situation to find yourself in. At Cars Locksmith we fully understand just how anxious you are to go on with your schedule, this is why our dispatch is manned 27/7, all year round. Our extensive fleet guarantees we have a tech available to send over and supply you with a rapid solution to the problem, allowing you to start your vehicle and be on your way as soon as possible.  

Transponder Ignition Keys

Most cars manufacturer after the year 2000 use chip car keys, also known as transponder keys. This type of key offers much greater protection against car theft. This, however, comes at a cost of being much harder to duplicate or replace.
Dealing with ignition key trouble when chip keys are involved is a much greater challenge than solving problems with old fashioned car keys which are purely mechanical and involve no electronics.
At Cars Locksmith we have all the necessary knowhow and equipment to help you with any problem you encounter with ignition keys of vehicles of any make and model, today this naturally includes chip keys.

If you experience any type of trouble with your car's ignition key you can do no better than to call on us. We will provide you with the quickest, most professional solution and all for highly competitive rates.