Hayward Car Locksmith

Professional Auto Locksmith Services in Hayward

Have you ever mistaken someone else's keys for your own? Many people unintentionally swap similar looking objects such as keys every day. When you stay over at your friends' house and wind up taking their keys or the other way around, you know the kind of trouble it can cause when trying to enter your car. Whatever it is you have planned to do now it appears you will have to cancel, right?


With Cars Locksmith services in Hayward, you never need to worry again about misplacing your keys, forgetting them or swapping them with your friends. Our experts will make sure that you can safely enter your car without further hassles. Upon securing a few identification details from our on call representatives, an expert locksmith will be sent to you and will be at your side within no more than 30 minutes, to make a new key for you.

The Benefits of an Inclusive Locksmith Service

When you become a member of Cars Locksmith, you join one of the largest customer bases in Hayward, and guarantee an inclusive and professional insurance for yourself and for your car. Our team consists of many certified car locksmiths, who go through further training in various advanced types of equipment and machinery.

Our many services include:

  • A swift ETA of 30 minutes or less
  • Friendly and pleasant service providers that assist you with any question
  • Problem solving
  • Car lock picking
  • Trunk lock picking
  • Key duplication
  • Key replacement
  • Locks rekeying
  • Chip keys replacement and duplication
  • Advanced equipment
  • All solutions delivered on the spot and on site
  • Broken key extraction from locks and from the ignition switch

Community Leading Company

The ability to resolve such scenarios in which drivers find themselves struggling the most, and find most unpleasant, is perceived by us at Cars Locksmith, as a community service. Resolving our fellow Hayward drivers' car locksmith problems is a way to keep the automotive community in Hayward safe and fully operational. As a local veteran company, we see it as our goal to keep local drivers secure in the knowledge that they have a reliable resource at their disposal with which they can deal with every locksmith problem.

If you wish to join the Hayward Cars Locksmith customer base, or simply hear more about our affordable prices and services, call us at (510) 275–0760.