Duplicate Key Services

Duplicating car and home keys today is no simple matter. As we are forced to take more sophisticated measures to prevent unwanted, criminal entry to our houses and vehicles the locks and security systems we use demand highly professional handling. It is also essential that we only use the most reliable locksmith services, doing otherwise may very well jeopardize our efforts to keep our homes free from the risk of burglary and our vehicles immune from theft.

More Complex Keys Demand Greater Expertise

Since locks on our homes' doors car ignition keys have become so much more complex only locksmiths possessing the necessary knowhow and tools of trade are able to properly perform duplication and re-keying tasks we sometimes need done.
Losing a key may happen to anyone, when this happens to us we should take care to have only a highly reliable locksmith service. Cars Locksmith offers just this type of service. We hire only top of their field techs and make sure they are well trained, certified and equipped with all of the most state of the art tools of trade.

Duplicating car keys today many times involves much more than just mechanically carving the correct pattern onto the metal part of the key. Most car keys of vehicles made since the turn of the millennium are "transponder keys", this means they have a microchip installed in the plastic part of the key. Duplicating  such a "chip car key" calls for in depth technical knowledge of the technology involved as well as training and  experience. It is very important to make sure the auto locksmith whose services we intend to use possess all of these.

Top Notch Service at Highly Competitive Prices

With Cars Locksmith you can get just the type of professional reliable service required of locksmiths today and all for very reasonable prices. We are a certified operation and employ only techs who have been screened to ensure they have no criminal background. Our employees are all highly trained professionals who take pride in providing the services we do, duplicating home and car keys naturally among them.

We operate a 24/7 dispatch and an extensive fleet, this is what enables us to respond quickly and offer you the solution you require ASAP. We value your time and so make sure to provide rapid service which will allow you to get back to business as quickly as possible.

We have incorporated a strict honest billing policy,  this is why you can rest assured you will be charged according to services you receive, due to our efficient operation our rates are highly competitive.