Chip Car Keys

In the past duplicating a car's ignition key was a purely mechanical matter of carving a pattern onto the new key which is identical to the one on the original one. Since the appearance of chip car keys (also known as "transponder keys") in 1995 this is no longer the case.
Understanding how chip car keys work helps explain why duplicating them costs so much more than duplicating the old, simple, type of ignition key.

Sending the Correct Coded Message

During world war two a system for preventing friendly fire between aircrafts was invented. One aircraft would transmit a signal to the other which would then respond with a corresponding code, the combination of "transmit" and "respond" is what dubbed the word "transponder".

A transponder key works in a similar way, a metal coil found around the mechanical ignition key hole is energized once the key is turned, this electromagnetically powers up a small chip cast into the plastic part of the key. The chip then "communicates" with the vehicle's computer. Only if the chip supplies the right code will ignition be made possible.

Duplicating or Replacing Chip Car Keys  

Duplicating a transponder key involves using the right "blank key" and identifying the code it must provide and then programming it into its chip. Every car manufacturer must enable auto locksmiths to provide such a service to owners of their models. Naturally, it is essential that this be strictly regulated and so manufacturers go to great length in order to ensure that only certified, reliable, highly professional auto locksmith service providers be able to duplicate keys to the cars they sell.

Trust Only a Reliable Auto Locksmith

The measures taken to ensure chip car keys are impossible to be fraudulently duplicated are the reason replacing such keys costs as much as it does. It is very important not to be tempted to allow someone you cannot rely on blindfolded to duplicate a transponder key or re-key a vehicle which has a chip key system.
Unprofessionally duplicated chip car keys will inevitably cause ignition problems or even harm the cars onboard computer. Only an auto locksmith with the necessary knowhow, certification and equipment can do the job properly.

Cars locksmith will extend you just this type of reliable, highly professional service.
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