Broken Car Key

There are two types of situations where broken car keys are an issue. One type is when a car ignition key breaks while not actually in use for opening or starting a car  (for instance if someone tries to use a car key as a screwdriver and breaks it). More often a car key breaks while being turned in the ignition switch or the lock on a car's door.

Needless to say a car key broken inside the ignition switch or door lock poses a more complex problem. At Cars Locksmith we are well versed in supplying quick, high quality solutions to any of the above mentioned situations.

Anyone May Break a Car Key

You may think that breaking a car key is something that happens only to strong men who are unaware of the force they exert on the car key while turning it. This is not the case!
Absolutely anyone can break a car key. Car keys, ignition switches and locks on car doors become worn out with use, it takes much less force than you may think to snap the key in the switch or lock leaving the inserted part lodged in.

If your car key has broken, whether or not  leaving a part of it stuck in the ignition switch or door, you need the services of an auto locksmith. Cars Locksmith is available 24/7 to provide you with any auto locksmith services you may require, dealing with any kind of broken car key situation naturally among them.

Vehicles of Any Make or Model

Different car manufacturers use different types of door locks and ignition switch systems. Not all auto locksmiths are proficient are proficient at dealing with all makes and models. At Cars Locksmith we make certain to acquire the necessary knowhow, tools and experience enabling us to provide solutions to broken car key situations no matter what type of vehicle is involved.

Cars Locksmith's techs are all highly trained professionals, our vans come equipped with state of the art tools of trade, this combination is what guaranties we can solve any auto locksmith related problem for you. We abide by a strict honest billing policy which makes our rates highly competitive.
If you find yourself with a broken car key, whether stuck in the ignition switch or not, you can count on us to be there for you anytime and remedy the situation for you faster than anyone else can.