Ask The Expert

Here you’ll find some expert advice from Cars Locksmith’s highly-skilled team of auto locksmiths. Read on for some great tips and advice.

1. What’s the best way to avoid getting locked out of your car?

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a possibility you’ll lock yourself out of the car. There are things you can do to minimize the risk though. Always check for your keys when leaving the car. Leave keys in a safe and memorable place at home. Carry your keys on a heavy keychain that you won’t drop, attached to a belt loop with a carabiner.

The best way to prevent a lockout though is to know where your spare key is. Having access to a spare key, or even a third key, means that you won’t be derailed courtesy of a lost or broken key. And it’s always sensible to keep a locksmith’s number handy just in case.

2. Where should I keep my spare car key?

There's no right answer here, although there are plenty of wrong answers. Leaving your spare with a neighbor, work colleague or family member, or in somewhere you'll remember at home are all good ideas. Leaving a key in a well-hidden location in your garden can also be useful, although well-hidden doesn’t mean under a stone, taped to the window ledge or inside your mailbox. Be creative but sensible.

3. Is it possible to duplicate a broken key?

Yes. Any locksmith worth his salt is capable of duplicating a broken key. It’s easier if we have all the parts, but not altogether necessary. Most keys are created using a general design. The trick is in the detail.

4. Can a transponder key be duplicated?

Yes. Transponder keys offer a much higher level of security but that doesn’t mean they can’t be copied. The key itself can be duplicated using traditional locksmithing techniques, while the electronic fob can be reprogrammed to work with your existing receiver or a new unit.

5. Is it really worth calling a locksmith when you’re locked out?

Of course we’re going to say yes. But there’re some very good reasons for calling a locksmith. Firstly, a locksmith is trained in repairing keys, opening locks and generally helping you get in and out with minimal fuss. And we do all of that without damage to your property. You try picking a lock without damaging it. But seriously, you really shouldn't…

Secondly, any damage you cause trying to regain entry will likely not be covered by your insurance company. Reputable locksmith companies will be insured against damage, giving you an extra backup.

Thirdly, your property is only as safe as your locks. If you decide to go all MacGyver and break into your own home, how do you know that lock hasn’t been damaged in the process? How do you know that lock won’t give up the next time some two-bit hoodlum tries to break in? Just remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

6. How do I avoid being duped by a rogue locksmith?

Sadly, we never seem to be very far away from headlines declaring rogue locksmiths at work. Trust us when we say we’re as scared as you are. Essentially, the best way to avoid running into a locksmith that has a fondness for taking a drill to your lock is to carry out a little background check. We’re not talking FBI levels of investigation here, but check to see what people are saying about them. Check social media and online testimonials. Ask friends. If in doubt, try somebody else.

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